Ok so.. let me first start by saying.. I am completely obsessed with growing things/gardening and thus, crazy.  I swear I am driving everyone close to me crazy as well by discussing things they never thought they would know so much about i.e. dirt crusting.  For this, I apologize.  But I am still stoked and super proud that I have made it this far :) I am constantly crossing my fingers that I will at least have some good organic veggies to brag about and share!

Firstly, Big kid Glacier Tomato has three flowers which have bloomed and are on their way to becoming tomaters!! Also, as you can see the garden is starting to sprout all over!  Actually, as of today I have sprouts everywhere I planted seeds in the beds, this is a milestone people!! (I totalled up the vegetables I have growing and there are 14… and that is not counting different varieties)
FYI: Pic 1: Glacier Tomato Pic 2: Russian Red Kale, Pic 3: Little Gem Lettuce 

I had a little issue with a cat… I am not sure if it was my own since I have reamed his ass everytime he comes near so he is pretty scared.. but anyways!  Little shit dug up my cucumber seeds!!  So I have started some inside with the hopes that they will survive better when they are are more “grown up” and once I do something about the cats(s)…  Inside, I have my sunflowers which are pretty much the fastest growing little seedlings I have ever seen as well as some herbs which are not sprouting at all.. well I guess I do have ‘a little thyme’… see what I did there? 
FYI: Pic 6: Autumn Beauty Sunflowers, Pic 7: Lemon Queen Sunflowers

PS- Happy Memorial Day!  Remember all those who gave us these beautiful and free days!

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