Slacking at Posting.

I suck so much.

I have been feeding my instagram into here mostly lately.  But today I decided I needed to show you, my followers, some much needed and deserved LOVE.

My Doll Babies watermelon plant now has three watermelons all growing at different stages right now.  They are supposed to be pink and yellow fleshed, so here’s to hoping I get to try one of each!

I spent a large chunk of my night last night tying up and trimming my gigantic tomato plants.  I should have a before picture… but you can see my afters!  Ahhh, much better.  Now my heirloom, The Mortgage Lifter can focus it’s energy on turning it’s big ole honkers red!  My cherry, Ladybug is very spindley, and now that I have tied it up it looks like a cyclon… or tornado.. tormato?

My right back bed is completely taken over by my massive cucumber plants… the poor peppers haven’t seen enough sun this summer and unfortunately aren’t producing hardly anything!  Well, with the exception of the pepperoncinis, jalepenos and mini bell plants which are going nuts.  

It is crazy to look back on pictures of my garden and then look at it now! 

Well go dig in the dirt!  I know I am :)